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Max file size limit increased to 1Gb.


Some UI improvements.


Max file size limit increased to 200Mb.


Added new small feature: QR Code. After uploading new file, you can see (after clicking corresponding link) image with QR Code. It can be useful for faster transferring files to mobile device.
QR codes are generated with Google Chart API.


We made some internal changes in site and add new ability to copy selected links to clipboard (for browsers, which support such feature).
So, working with our site became more easier and convenient.


Today, we made a some of improvements for our service. At first, we made some UI fixes for different browsers. Also, we added detection of uploaded images and ability to use more specific URLs for images (anyway, you always can switch between usual/image links).
And at last, we made improvements in URL handling and shorten result links up to 4 symbols. So, it is not such 'short' as best URL Shortener Services, but more shorter than other file storage services (all existing links works too). For convenient work, we added two buttons in UI to do more fast operations with result links.


After some of enchancements of service, we found, that we have almost identical functionality for Normal links and Custom links. So, we remove from selection one these choises and leave only 'Custom' links (all existing links works). So, without this confusing functionality our service are simple (but functional) again.
Also, we perform some improvements for segment with uploaded files to make it more convenient for our users.


For better security, we added ability to remove your files whenever you want. It is unrecoverable operation, so, use it carefully.


Improved technology of saving information for your files. Removed limits for saved file count and fixed problems with non-latin files.


We improved handling of incorrect situations in process of uploading, added error and informational messages and fix some minor bugs.


We continue to enchance our service and today we present new feature: ability to use custom file name for your uploaded file. In some words, you can simple get short url for uploaded file, add slash (/) and write any custom name. But for your convenience we improve our interface and add ability to enter your own name and get url of required type (plain, href, or forum code).
So, if you accidentally upload file with private or discordant name, it is not required to upload file again. Simple change name and grab url. Of course, you can change it anytime, to any other, if required.
We will continue to keep our service simple and convenience for all our users.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Some of core work was provided, and a lot of internal enhancements was performed. We are try to keep our service as simple as possible, but continue to add useful features. In last changes we add an ability to receive short URL for file. It is useful when real name of file is meaningless and allows to keep real file name in secret. Also, there are an ability to get any url format for any previously uploaded file.


We perform a lot of profilactic work, as result we seriously increase uptime of our server. But due unpredictable behaviour of our hoster, server can be shutdowned anytime, and we cannot give any guarantee for it stability.

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